Guangzhou Wireless Internet Connection Hot Spots

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Here’s an on-going list of places with free WiFi wireless internet access in Guangzhou, China.

Know of a good place to get online? Had a different experience? Got a bone to pick? Help us keep this list useful by recommending places we’ve missed, offering corrections for what we have, or sharing your experiences in the comments. We’ll update this listing with your input.


Type: Casual Restaurant
Locations: Single
Electricity Outlets: Yes

Type: Cafe/Coffee House
Locations: Common
Electricity Outlets: Yes

Hit Or Miss

Costs Money

No Connection

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The above establishments are those that either we or our readers have confirmed as having free wireless internet access. Check out the below websites for additional listings, which will include places we have not confirmed:

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  1. Kevin says:

    This is bullshit. Total Bullshit. #1 – There are dozens and dozens and dozens of areas besides starbucks and the one restaurant mentioned above who provide free wireless connection. But it doesn’t matter because the wireless connections take more time to hook up, sign onto, and access anything than they’re worth. Step away from using it for a few seconds and you lose connection and have to tart all over again. There is no such thing as free wireless connection in Guangzhou. The speed of the connection and your ability to access foreign websites are greatly monitored and interrupted. If it’s not a Chinese website – forget it. You’re not getting there without a long wait – extremely slow download time…even more slow upload time and what’s the point? The internet isn’t free in Guangzhou. It’s blocked. And anyone who says otherwise is a fool.

  2. Mike says:

    Burger King at Taikoo Hui Shopping Center. D Exit of MTR Station of ShiPaiQiao of Line 3.
    Another Wifi spot within Taikoo Hui is Awfully Chocolate.

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