China WiFi

wifi-china-directoryLooking for a place to get online for free while in China?

We’re working on just the list for you, but we’re going to need your help! After all, we can’t be everywhere at once!

Our goal is to put together a decent listing of places with free wireless internet access that we’ve used so you can spend a few hours out of your home or office, or to hold informal meetings with friends or business associates.

Below you’ll find a list of the Chinese cities we’ve managed to get started on so far. We’ll be updating these lists regularly and we hope you’ll share your own experiences with us through the comments section for each city.

If you don’t see your city, it probably means we don’t have any information on or enough experience with the available hot spots there. Help us start the directory listing for your city by leaving a comment here on this page with the places offering free wireless internet access that you have used.

Wi-Fi Directory Listing Guide

Each city’s listings are categorized into the following:

Dependable: These places have never or very rarely failed to live up to their offer of free wireless internet access, at least in our experience or those of our readers.  You are, of course, usually expected to make a purchase (a drink or a meal) while you’re there, so don’t just sit down and shamelessly leech.

Hit or Miss: These are places that typically offer free wireless internet access, or advertise that they do, but sometimes fail to live up to your expectations upon arrival. Sometimes their internet is mysteriously “broken” or otherwise “not working.” Other times, they’ve outright turned off the wireless internet router or have unplugged the cable, to make sure you don’t stay too long taking up space (even when there’s plenty of seats around). It doesn’t matter that you expected to get online when you chose their place over others because they offered wi-fi access as a perk of patronizing their establishment. They have their unstated reasons or policies, and they are the places that sometimes let you down wasting both your money and your time.

Costs Money: These are places that that offer wireless internet but you have to explicitly pay for it.

No Connection: These are places you might expect having wireless internet access…but don’t. These are typically cafes or coffee houses that just fail miserably at being cool for the internet age. Boo.

Each individual listing also includes the following information:


  • Cafe/Coffee House
  • Casual Restaurant
  • Other


  • Single – Only one location.
  • Multiple – More than one location.
  • Common – Easy to find.

Electricity Outlets:

  • Yes – May depend on seating location or availability.
  • No – No electrical outlets are typically available for customer use.
  • Maybe – Unknown or depends on location.

WiFi Directory Listings For China:

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  1. Kai Pan says:

    UPDATE: Beijing, Guangzhou, Dalian, and Hainan pages added.

    They’re all pretty sparse so if you’ve got some favorite dependable wifi hot spots, please let us know and suggest them here!

    Thanks to: puja, adevadeh, Matt Mayer, Nicki, and Chris Amico (your previous comments have been deleted to keep this suggestion area clean).

  2. Kai Pan says:

    UPDATE: Beijing and Shanghai pages updated with more locations.

    Thanks to: Squarefaced, puja, and fluidcreation (your previous comments have been deleted to keep the suggestion areas clean).

  3. Aw Guo says:

    Waoooh! Great dir! I need WiFi so much since I’m a iTouch user :)