Chinese Media Entranced By Beautiful Girl In Red And Black


Just how crazy can the Chinese media react to seeing a beautiful girl?

A young woman was caught taking off her coat behind US President Barack Obama during his town hall meeting in Shanghai early November.

I would not be naming her anymore as her name and photos are all over the internet now. And well, I am sure this blog would merit her more unwarranted attention.

But really, I find it weird how the press would just be entranced by her presence.

Anyone care to share their analysis on this topic? This is really one of the more distorted things I have noticed in Chinese broadsheets.

Some off-the-wall, “weird” news” keep popping up in the papers. Does this confirm what I read about the Chinese media lacking in “in-depth” news due to them being politically sensitive?

It’s quite entertaining though.

“I don’t want to be popular this way.” [from her blog]


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