Complete Expo Food Guide (Puxi)

This continues from the Complete Expo Food Guide (Pudong) post.

Puxi is divided into 2 major areas–the Urban Best Practices Area and the combined Zones D and E.

Again, just a recap, for each restaurant, I included–

  • Their real names (If it is in Chinese characters, I used the pinyin. If English name is given or at least is known in the dining circles using its Latin spelling, I used that.);
  • The index mark in the official map (go to our super Expo transportation guide to download these);
  • What kind of food they serve (Islamic-Halal, Vegetarian, etc.);
  • What pavilions are near them;
  • Dishes to try out (includes pricing);
  • And for some–my general comments (offshoot, related otherwise) and stuff I found interesting in the place.

Zone D and E

Zone D and E has a total of 25 restaurants. The pavilions in Zone D and E are the following:

91. Pizza Hut, KFC (g2)

Pizza Hut, KFC

Did you notice that Pizza Hut and KFC together are a lot at the Expo? Near Cisco Pavilion.

92. Hong Chang Xing (f2)

Hong Chang Xing

Second branch at the Expo. Islamic. Xinjiang. Near Republic of Korea Business Pavilion. Other branch is at Pudong.

From Expo guide Pudong–Try their curry meals for RMB 15 per lunch box. They also have chicken snacks on sticks for RMB 8 three sticks.

In the Chinese Provinces Pavilion, large grapes are displayed in the Xinjiang exhibit. A similar motif can be seen in Hong Chang Xing’s dining area.

Check out the ceiling.

93. Baoshan Hotel Restaurant (f2)

Baoshan Hotel Restaurant

Chinese and Western. Near Republic of Korea Business Pavilion. Try their Excellent Roast Chicken Meal (that’s really the name). You can change that to curry chicken, pork, beef, pasta, or pizza (RMB 28).

94. He Feng Cun (f2)

He Feng Cun

Japanese fast food. Near Republic of Korea Business Pavilion. Try their curry udon, rice bowls, sushi packages, and steamed egg custard.  Recommended are the Spare Ribs Hand-Pulled Noodles. RMB 40 per person.

In the official Expo map, its name is written down as Wafumura.

95. Shen Da Cheng (f2)

Shen Da Cheng

Chinese fast food. Near Republic of Korea Business Pavilion. Try their Beef Rice (RMB 35) and their Beef Noodles (RMB 25).

96. Wu Mi Zhou Hotpot (f2)

Wu Mi Zhou Hotpot

Chinese. Near Republic of Korea Business Pavilion. Try their Sliced Beef Curry Rice, Fried Pork Curry Rice, Chicken Rice, Pork Noodles (RMB 35).

97. South Beauty (f2)

South Beauty

Sichuan, Cantonese steamed dishes, health drinks, herbal teas. Near Republic of Korea Business Pavilion. Try their Fried Beef with Scallion and Black Pepper Sauce; Steamed Codfish with Tangy Pickled Turnip; Fried Spare Ribs with Pickled Turnip; Steamed Chicken with Lime, Taro, and Coconut. RMB 100 to 150 per person.

98. Zagara (f2)


Italian. Near Republic of Korea Business Pavilion. Try their assorted Italian-style appetizers; traditional meat sauce lasagna; bacon pasta; shrimp pasta; Mediterranean sea bass baked with olives, potatoes, and tomatoes; Italian-style salmon with mashed potatoes; fried vegetables; roast rack of lamb baked with broccoli, spinach; Zagara pizza; traditional Italian tiramisu. RMB 100 to 150 per person.

99. Jardin De Jade (f2)

Jardin De Jade

Shanghainese. Try their tea-smoked duck, wine-preserved green crab, and mizhi huofang (pork and taro in candied sauce). These are all house specialties. The noodles with scallions and small shrimp are recommended and also qicai dongsun (fresh winter shoots with local greens). RMB 120 to 200 each.

In the official Expo map, the name’s translated to English–Jade Garden.

100. Ding Lian Fang (f2)

Ding Lian Fang

Chinese. Near the Republic of Korea Business Pavilion. Try their wonton soup (RMB 15). Chicken set for RMB 39. Includes coke, veggies, and yogurt.

101. Yonho (f2)


Chinese fast food. Chinese-style, taste of Taiwan. Near China National Petroleum Corporate Pavilion. Try their mushroom beef rice, garlic spare ribs, braised beef brisket with rice, braised pork on rice, seasonal vegetables, meat dumplings, steamed bun. RMB 50 per person.

102. Hanamaru (f2)


Japanese. Near Theme Pavilion (Pavilion of Urban Footprint). Try their set menus for RMB 50–chicken bowl, light and sticky bowl (actually it’s natto, yam, soft-boiled egg, and okra for beating the summer heat), curry bowl. You could also choose your own dishes–cafeteria-line style.

103. Wu Fang Zhai (g2)

Wu Fang Zhai

Chinese fast food. Near Coca-Cola Pavilion. Try their wrapped sticky rice dumplings with accompanying beverages. RMB 10 to 15 per person.

104. Lao Feng Ge (g2)

Lao Feng Ge

Chinese. Near Coca-Cola Pavilion. Try their fried cod, shrimp balls, eggplants, sea cucumber, roast goose. RMB 120 to 260 per person.

105. Pu Fast Food (f2)

Pu Fast Food

Japanese. Near World Exposition Museum. Try their sushi, beef rolls, omelettes. RMB 10 to 50 per person. In the official Expo map, their name is Osaka Sakai’s Pu.

Neat-looking Japanese mini structures surrounding the dining area

106. Oriental Charm Tea & Food Restaurant (f2)

Oriental Charm Tea & Food Restaurant

From their brochure–”The Soul of China Pavilion is featuring great Chinese tea, wine and food, and presenting the culture of oriental health maintenance. Introducing our special Chinese Tea-cuisine, come and experience the magnificent culture of Chinese Tea in delectable dishes.”

So obviously, the emphasis here is the pairing of their tea with a selection of Chinese food. In the official map, its name is written as Ming Hong-Tangyang Congou Black Tea. Place looks really pricey.

107. Zhen Gong Fu (g2)

Zhen Gong Fu

Chinese fast food. Near PICC Pavilion. The characteristics of Kung Fu Dining – all products are steamed “to retain the essence of food.” Try their rice toppings and some Taiwanese cuisine. RMB 30 per person.

108. Yi Nuo Coffee (g2)

Yi Nuo Coffee

Coffee, tea, cakes, wine. Near Aurora Pavilion. Try their Italian mocha, latte, tiramisu, mousse cup, strawberry cake. Pay around RMB 15 to 50.

109. Li Hua Fast Food (g2)

Li Hua Fast Food

Chinese fast food. Near PICC Pavilion. Try their roast chicken, beef fillet with black peppers, braised pork rice, spicy beef rice, shrimp fried rice, spicy Sichuan-Hunan beef noodles. RMB 15 to 45 per person.

110. Ji Ji Town (g3)

Ji Ji Town

Chinese fast food. Near Aurora Pavilion. Try their black pepper and golden chicken rice set, golden curry pork chop rice set, fragrant cups of chicken rice set, honey grilled chicken wings, curry beef rice bowl set, braised pork rice set. RMB 35 per person.

111. He Sheng Tea Banquet (g3)

He Sheng Tea Banquet

More of teas and less of food. Near Aurora Pavilion. Original business of owner is selling of teas. They have light dimsum snacks. Expect to pay RMB 58 to 350 per person. However, they also have a special tea-dimsum package for RMB 30.

One of the most beautiful private dining rooms I've seen at the Expo

112. Asahi Beer Garden (g3)

Asahi Beer Garden

Japanese. Near Aurora Pavilion. Enjoy authentic Asahi beer from Japan. Some dishes to go with your beer–curry rice set, roast beef burger set, Okinawa pork burger, Japanese hot dog set.

It's not just the Germans who love their beer.

113. Papa John’s (j3)

Papa John's

Just one of the many Papa John’s around the Expo. Get rice or pizza combos ranging from RMB 35 to 100. You can also order whole pizzas for around RMB 100.

114. Hong (j3)


Chinese, Western. Near China Aviation Pavilion. Try their Hong Kong-style pork chop rice, grilled fillet steak, spaghetti bolognese. Spend around RMB 50 per person.

115. South Beauty (j3)

South Beauty

Near China Aviation Pavilion. Restaurant area is divided into the dessert area, dining area, and the VIP platforms. Anyway, I’ll just repeat my previous description (remember number 97?)–Sichuan, Cantonese steamed dishes, health drinks, herbal teas. Try their Fried Beef with Scallion and Black Pepper Sauce; Steamed Codfish with Tangy Pickled Turnip; Fried Spare Ribs with Pickled Turnip; Steamed Chicken with Lime, Taro, and Coconut. RMB 100 to 150 per person.

Urban Best Practices Area

The UBPA has a total of 4 restaurant groups. The pavilions in UBPA are the following:

  • UBPA
  • Cases Joint Pavilon I
  • Cases Joint Pavilion II
  • Cases Joint Pavilion III
  • Cases Joint Pavilion IV
  • Other UBPA Cases

116. Yun’s Fusion Cuisine (k3)

Yun's Fuion Cuisine

Mixed. Fusion. Seventh and eight floor of Theme Pavilion (Future Pavilion). Try their business set meals priced from RMB 50 to 130. Rice in shark’s fin soup, barbecued pork, fried shrimps, curry chicken.

Pathway leading to Yun's. Very, very classy.

117. Dong Fang Ji Bai, KFC, Pizza Hut (k2)

East Dawning- our favorite (because there are lots of these!)

KFC, Pizza Hut

118. Xiao Nan Guo (k2)

Xiao Nan Guo

Chinese. Near Cases Joint Pavilion 1 or 2. Try their vegetable salad, Shanghai sauce duck,  seasonal vegetable, and shallot noodles. Pay RMB 100 to 500 each.

119. World Food Court (k3)

World Food Court

Mixed cuisine. Near Cases Joint Pavilion 4. Divided into 3 areas–Beach Court, Shell Court, and Coral Court. Like the Chinese Food Street located at Zone B (number 38 here), the food court only accepts food card spending.

In the official Expo map, their name is Innovative Grand Kitchen.

Load your card here.

For visitors, the Shanghai World Expo is a veritable food fair: In the Expo, visitors will enjoy delicious food from around China, and the flavors of food from five continents. The Expo has about 128 food and beverage establishments which can provide seating for 32,000 guests or more. There are also 9 convenience stores and 6 cakes and bread stores.

Those are the facts coming from the Expo organizers themselves. Now my personal advice is–it is a good idea to bring snacks of your own as well (and a water bottle too!). And if you’re hungry, don’t scrimp on food. It’s bad for your health and worst, you might faint in the heat of the Shanghai summer. Not good at all. Looking back at my experience before, I think this is the best advice I can give.

Lastly, I found this really cool Expo food map; but it is in Chinese. I don’t really draw, so I’m not sure if I can remake this in English. Probably not. But if you are learning Chinese, it’s actually a neat tool you can use. Heh. Totally not related to food. (Yet it’s in high-resolution nevertheless.)

Really cool Expo food map

Download the really cool Expo food map here.

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