Quote: Cao Jianzhi on The Image of Shanghainese

“We Shanghainese value our image. We don’t want to lose face in front of the entire world…”

After repeated civil behavior campaigns, bare-chested and pajama-wearing residents are now rarely seen in public. The level of civility has been greatly improved in our community. To correct unfavorable old habits of the Shanghainese, we even opened a community school teaching etiquette.

This reminds me of the overhauling that occurred almost 2 years ago during the Beijing Olympics. There was one essay by Associated Press writer Anita Chang that really struck me up until now. It told of the rush transformation Beijing had in time for the Olympics. Nothing wrong with that definitely. It’s just obvious.

Remember the controversies surrounding China’s biggest event last 2008? 

Controversies make everything so much interesting, don’t you think so?

What people generally would do to look good (and not just China).

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