China bloggers party down at TechCrunch August Capital Party

Warning: Off Topic Post

Paul Denlinger of China Vortex and I attended the TechCrunch August Capital party yesterday night. (Paul’s a bona-fide A-list China blogger, even if I’m a pretender.) I had a great time–a great chance to forget about the larger, fundamental economic problems facing the United States and the world at large! Sand Hill Road (home of the world’s VC)seems completely separate from the hard times that Alibaba’s Jack Ma talks about, or the mortgage meltdown.

Here’s some photos to bring the experience to our readers in China:

Long line to enter, over 1000+ people attended.

TechCrunch Party line

photo from Chris Alden, CEO of SixApart Ltd.

Custom engraved geek gear and suspiciously attractive excited party attendees

photo fom Mike Arrington, Flickr

New Tesla sports car parked outside, probably Mike Arrington’s

photo from Tristan O’Tierney, Flickr

Celebrity bloggers and their fans

Photo from Mike Arrington, Flickr

And colleagues from UpTake Travel

Regular CNReviews coverage will resume on the next post!

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