CNReviews blogging the 2008 BIL Conference Mar 1-2 in Monterey, CA

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BIL ladybug emergenceAfter reading Scoble’s take and Ethan Zuckerman’s post on BIL (the emergent, self-organizing, and anarchic companion conference to TED), I was motivated to register myself, Min Guo, and natural language processing scientist Boris Galitsky (who also works for Kango) for the conference. Boris will likely give a talk about machine understanding of feelings and sentiment, which is what we are doing at Kango.

Here is the speakers at this moment (full speakers list on the wiki):

  • Open source-style security for the physical world – Christine Peterson
  • The Genocide of the Curious Mind – Martin Codrington
  • Millicomputing: The Coolest CPUs and the Flashiest Storage – Adrian Cockcroft
  • Advancement of the TED Prize – Bill Erickson
  • Brainstorming A Vision – Tyler Emerson
  • How to Be a Successful Heretic – Aubrey de Grey
  • An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything – A Garrett Lisi
  • Hacking the Human Fantastic – Todd Huffman
  • Short Film Fest – Aileen Mapes
  • Photography for Everyman – Jason Youn
  • Coworking to Coliving – Digital Utopia – Cody Marx Bailey & Bill Erickson
  • Darknets – fascist gated associations, or intentional community – Baron RK Von Wolfsheild, CSA, CTO. Qtask, Inc.
  • Always the Next Human – Quinn Norton
  • Motivation Psychology. Learning Optimism. – Kai Chang
  • The BIL Social Graph Experiment – Nikhil Nilakantan
  • Social Bonding – Jonathan Sheffi and Lexi Bright
  • Growing Up Gifted: The State of the Art of Raising Brilliant Minds – KV Fitzpatrick
  • The Rise of the Machines and the End of Transit – Brad Templeton
  • Stem Cells- Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid to Ask – Daniel Kraft
  • Breathing and Other of Life’s Little Secrets – Ilsa Bartlett
  • Telephone Pictionary and the Future of Computational Semantics – Rion Snow
  • Why Virtual Worlds are Good for the Soul – Lisa Galarneau

My thought is to quasi-live-blog the conference onto CN Reviews and then David Feng and our other CN Reviews readers can comment on the potential implications to China (of which I am certainly not an expert).  For example:

  • Genocide of the Curious Mind – How can you better cultivate curiosity and innovation among Chinese employees and companies?
  • Millicomputing – What types of extremely small computing devices are most relevant to China?
  • Darknets – private networks and individual freedom.  Any potential for increased freedom of thought and speech in protected private networks?  How could this also be negative?
  • End of Transit – what advances in transit technology could be applied to China in the future
  • Why Virtual Worlds are Good for the Soul? – are all those high school educated, male, internet bar users playing MMORPGs doing anything socially or personally redeeming?

Go to the schedule and see if there is something you would like us to report on.

What should we make sure we attend?  What questions are worth asking?

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