Google Celebrates Confucius’ Birthday With Special Logo

google-logo-confucius-birthday-2009Apparently, Confucius (孔夫子) was born on September 28, 551 BC/BCE. That would make him a Virgo…and now something like 2560 years old.

As China’s arguably most famous philosopher, thinker, and sporter of long wispy white beards, Confucius’ influence throughout Asia is well-known and well-documented. A minor bit of silly controversy even revolves around Koreans allegedly claiming Confucius was Korean, with multitudes of Chinese scoffing. Xinhua, the PRC state news organ, even claims that Confucius’ descendants number around 3 million. Nowhere near Genghis Khan territory — that stud — but kinda nifty nonetheless.

google-logoSo far, the custom Confucius Google logo has been sighted on Google’s China, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand websites, but strangely not on their Korean website. The main Google.com page doesn’t show it yet either and if it well, it may take a few more hours before September 28 hits Mountain View, California.

Hat tip to Japan Probe.

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