New CN Reviews Logo by Oliver Ding

I first met Oliver right after the Sichuan Earthquake

I became acquainted with Oliver Ding’s design work right after the Sichuan Earthquake.  He had put together a SlideShare presentation to help earthquake victims in China.  It may have been the even been one of the inspiration for my putting together the Sichuan Earthquake donation guide.  Oliver saw the guide, and put together a SlideShare version of the CN Reviews donation guide.  I collected 24+ ways to give (eventually 40+ ways) and Oliver cleverly worked it into this graphical image:


In this way, he brought together two powerful images:  (1) the image of the Red Cross, and (2) the image of the Chinese flag.  He used these powerful images to reinforce the intent of the donation guide, which was to provide people with the information they needed to take action and give money. His 24+ Ways to Give SlideShare slideshow was an inspiration to me and demonstrated how SlideShare could be used to spread the word, demonstrating the power of SlideShare as social media.  More about Oliver Ding here.

INTRODUCING: the New CN Reviews Identity by Oliver Ding

I wanted to create some CN Reviews business cards for CNBloggerCon 2008 and asked Oliver to consider putting together a new identity for CN Reviews.  I was pleased when he accepted!  He then asked all the right questions that led to our new identity.  Here is the grand unveiling of his work!


Oliver’s comments were as follows:

I designed the new brand identity of CN Reviews.

See attached two pictures.  The idea is very simple:

1. Letter “C” means “China”, “Community” and “Communication”;
2. C is ear which mean listening;
3. C also is wave which mean spread;
4. C seems like splash-ink, a technique of Chinese ink-painting (泼墨 pomo)

This really captured the original inspiration for CN Reviews, our focus on China, our interest in being a bridge between China and the West, and our passion for listening and understanding.

We tried some other variations, at my request, but Oliver’s first version was the best.

cnreviews-20081014-a-1 cnreviews-20081014-d-2

Here’s why:

why font-cnreviews-20081014-3

I later discovered that Oliver had done work for other social media non profits, including Social Brain Foundation and CNBloggerCon

Oliver has also done some incredible branding and logo work for other non-profits and companies.  Here are some that  you might be familiar with:

Social Brain Foundation


source: Oliver Ding, Swordi.com Logo Design category

According to Oliver, the Social Brain Foundation(SBF) is trying to encourage the use of social media to enable collaboration among free individuals to deliver better ideas and better results. Isaac Mao presented earlier this year at Rebecca MacKinnon’s CIRC Conference on how the social brain is evolving in China.

OOPS:  Opensource Opencourseware Prototyping System


source: Oliver Ding, Swordi.com Logo Design category  

Read more about the OOPS logo and introduction on Oliver’s blog.

CNBloggerCon 2005

Oliver was also the designer for the 2005 CNBloggerCon, and subsequent logos have continued to use his ideas.


source: Oliver Ding, Swordi.com Logo Design category

Here is the story of how Oliver came up with the logo for CNBloggerCon 2005.


source: Oliver Ding, Swordi.com Logo Design category  

Oliver’s visual images have greatly inspired me, and I’m honored and privileged that Oliver judged our efforts worthy of his time and investment.  Thanks Oliver!  I hope I can see you in China wearing a new CN Reviews T-Shirt!

T-shirt-20081014-2-black T-shirt-20081014-1-white

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