Register Now For Shanghai Movie Night: Transformers 2!

transformers-2-autobots-roll-outAs previously mentioned, CNR along with chinaSMACK and Shanghaiist will be holding a Shanghai Movie Night on Wednesday, June 24, 2009. At 7:00pm, Shanghai readers from each of our respective websites (along with possibly some others) will file into the Broadband International Complex (yeah, I don’t get the name either) movie theatre in Times Square on Huai Hai Middle Road in Shanghai to watch…Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen!

It is going to be awesome.


Broadband International Complex
6/F, Shanghai Times Square, 99 Huaihai Zhong Lu
near Pu’an Lu, Metro Line 1 Huangpi Nan Lu Station
近普安路, 地铁1号线黄陂南路站

For those who have been in Shanghai for some time, you’ll recognize this place as the old Lane Crawford building, that was a pseudo-counterpart to the Lane Crward Times Square in Hong Kong.


Wednesday, June 24th, OPENING DAY!

Movie begins at 7:00pm sharp so don’t be late! All pre-purchased tickets will be handed out starting at 6:00pm at the McDonald’s in the Infinity Plaza complex directly across from Times Square. I might be the chump tasked with this (or maybe I can convince Fauna to make Shanghaiist editor Elaine to do this).

Stragglers can also pick up tickets at the movie theatre entrance starting at 6:45pm until 7:00pm. Again, don’t be late! No one likes being stuck outside missing the beginning of the movie!

What Price:

Fauna’s worked it out with the theatre complex to let us in for 65 RMB (10 USD), which is up to 35% cheaper than the normal price (80-100 RMB). Not only that, but she’s secured us free popcorn and drinks too! As everyone knows, concessions are usually rip-offs at movie theatres so this is pretty bitchin’.


You can reserve your tickets through this form below. It is the same form as the one on chinaSMACK so it really doesn’t matter which form you use. What does matter is which website you indicate as hearing of this event from. Each website is assigned a minimum amount of guaranteed tickets for its readers, so theoretically if Shanghaiist runs out of tickets, you can sign up via another website, like us (smile!). I just heard that half the tickets are already booked as I’m writing this.

It is important to note that you MUST reserve and have paid for your tickets by noon this Saturday to guarantee a spot. Be sure to read after the reservation form below for more information.



[contact-form 4 "Shanghai Movie Night"]

Alright, so you’ve submitted your reservation, right? Now, what you need to do is pay for your tickets. You have two options:

  1. Pay via PayPal
    This is of course the easiest, unless you don’t have PayPal. Just click on the button below after you’ve submitted the form above:

  2. Pay via Cash
    This is for those who don’t have PayPal but it will require you to meet one of us somewhere in Shanghai to physically hand us the cash for your tickets. I’ve volunteered to be available at certain central locations over the next few days so depending on where you are, Fauna may tell you to come meet me or someone else somewhere. If you select the pay via cash option in the form above, she’ll e-mail you to arrange this with you directly.

Okay, so that’s all the details. If you have questions, you can of course ask me or ask directly on the main post over on chinaSMACK. If you’ve seen the first movie, you know this movie is probably going to be just as rip-roaring fun. Hope to see you guys there!


If you don’t attend Shanghai Movie Night, Megatron will be seriously PISSED, Mr. Anderson!

Oh, and lots of cool previews and trailers of Transformers 2 here! Just to whet your appetite!

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